Strategic Relations and Security Concern of India regarding China

Harminder Singh, Ritesh Mishra


  1. Research Scholar, Department of Political Science, OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan, INDIA
  2. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan, INDIA


India–China both have realized the imperative need for cooperation in diverse areas, especially in the trade and economic domains, in the long-term interest of peace and constancy in Asia as well as of faster economic development and prosperity at home. India and China’s economic development over since their independence give a glance on the recent economic development. However, the issue of border disputes caused by colonial demarcation of borders disturbed their relationship. This border dispute resulted in a short border war in 1962. This led to the rivalry, an enduring rivalry existing until today. A Chinese road building project in the Himalayas has turned into the focal point of an escalating border dispute amongst India and China, with the two sides blaming the other for regional interruptions. Indian government described that significant change of status quo with serious security implications for India, the questionable road goes through the debated Doklam Plateau, on the unmarked border amongst China and Bhutan. China's development of road in Doklam is a demonstration of sovereignty alone an area. It is totally justified and legal, and others have no privilege to interfere. Also, some statistical comparison between India and China has been presented. In terms India-China Economic Cooperation, the potential for future bilateral economic relationship is strong and in terms of GDP, China’s growth in the per capita income remained more than India.

Doklam Plateau, Himalayas, Rivalry