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The Faith and the Leviathan-religion and State

Soham Madhukar Sakpal


  1. Government Law College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA


As I start writing this article one of the major state of the Indian union is mired in a controversy whose origin lies in that archaic era when instead of a modern day highly institutional governments there were monarchies, whose writ was subject to nothing but God himself or herself. The object of this article is not to critique the actions of certain states against one’s profession of faith  or to delve into the court’s interpretation of any law but it is to discuss the origin of the conflict between the state and the religion in the World at large and in India(discussed in part 1 of the article) and religion’s post Independence and present day Constitutional setting.(Discussed in part 2 of the Article). Before we start with addressing the focal questions of this article we must first try and  find the answers to some basic questions like. What or who gave birth to this State ? . How did religion or faith rise to such prominence where the state began to feel threatened by it and even warrant state’s intervention to contain its mystical, ethereal power over the state's subjects?

State, Religion, Faith, Hobs, Leviathan