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Sudan- Malaysia Economic Relations

Nadir Ahmad Elfaki


  1. PhD Univeriti Putra Malaysia, MALAYSIA


This paper elucidates the framework of international relations focusing on economic cooperation between Sudan and Malaysia.  The importance of this bilateral relation between both is probably one of the most significant factors in analysing the oil-industry sector. The economic collaboration between the two in terms of trade, development of oil sector, infrastructure projects, and financial assistance has escalated to such an extent that Malaysia has become one of the Government of Sudan’s (GOS’s) strongest allies. It is very much a symbiotic relationship, where Malaysia is in need of a secure source of oil over the long term, while Sudan needs the external credit, investment and market for its oil. Despite the unity of the Islamic religion and common membership for both countries in organizations, such as the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM), the Organization of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and others, for some time there was no particular attention to the process of trade and economic cooperation between the two through those organizations, even within globalization. This paper analyses the fundamental changes and challenges the two countries face, and how they were addressed through economic relations The main conclusion of this paper is that bilateral relations between Sudan and Malaysia, starting from 1974 to the present, has witnessed significant changes and continues to improve, particularly in economic spheres. This improvement has been going on since the beginning of multi-activities of Malaysia’s PETRONAS Company in Sudan in 1990. PETRONAS then began investing in Sudan, followed by other Malaysian companies.

International Relations, Cooperation,Eeconomic, Bilateral Relation, Investment.