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Post- COVID World Order and Indias Emergence as a Leading Power in Indo-Pacific

Govind Gaurav


  1. Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, C. M. P. Degree College, University of Allahabad, U.P. INDIA


The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be a catalyst for the new world order, pivoted towards the Indo-Pacific. It is likely to enhance India’s strategic position as a key stakeholder in the region. On the one hand, it would present a challenge to India’s foreign policy to cope up in the post-COVID world having the possibility of intensified rivalry between the US and China, while on the other hand, it would create a rare opportunity for India to lead and play a pivotal role in stabilising the Indo-Pacific region and the world at large. Thus, the article will explore the prospects of India’s emerging role as a ‘leading power’ in the world and particularly, in the Indo-Pacific against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will examine–how would India realign its geopolitical and geo-economic interests in the post-COVID world and how would its active engagements in Indo-Pacific with major players in the multilateral formation of ASEAN, Quad and Quad-plus help to stabilise and secure the emerging world order

Post-COVID world order, India, Indo-Pacific, US, China, ASEAN, Quad.