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Insurgency as an Impediment to Border Community Relations: An Appraisal of Human Rights Violations: The Example of Kamba-Gaya Borderlands

Arzika Muslim, Pasha Shahber


  1. Ph.D Research Scholar, Department of Political Science, Mangalore University, Karnataka-INDIA
  2. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Madikeri, Karnataka-INDIA


 Countries share border with one another and so, have settlements called border communities. Nigeria and Niger are not exceptions. For over ten years, Nigeria and Niger has witnessed serious security challenges through the activities of Boko Haram, who infiltrated through porous borders putting the communities on constant threats and invasion. Presently Niger Republic is fraught with various security challenges. To the north, southern Libya represents a risk zone. From there, terrorists radiate throughout the Sahel region. The insurgents are commenting gross human rights abuses and serious violations of international humanitarian law.  This paper examines insurgency as an obstacle to cross-border community relations by appraising human rights violations along Kamba-Gaya borderlands. Explanatory research design was adopted. Data were generated via the internet, library, and other documented materials relevant to the studies. This study was underpinned by the theory of state fragility theory. Finding reveals that insurgency is factor that creates obstacles to cross border community relations.  The paper therefore recommends and concludes the study.

Insurgency, Human Rights,  Border Communities