OPEN ACCESS PEER REVIEWED INTERNATIONAL INDEXED GOOD IMPACT FACTOR JOURNAL OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Vol 10 (02) : 2023 is available now Call For Papers Vol 11(01): 2024, Publication Date 31 January 2024 (Online) and 15 February 2024 (Print), Last date of the submission is 15 December 2023

Genesis of Coalition Politics in India

Reena Nand


  1. Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, INDIA


Since Independence in 1947, India had experienced one dominant party rule of Congress party. Congress was in the forefront of the Indian freedom movement and enjoyed great respect among the masses due to its policies, leadership, and overall contributions made by a galaxy of its charismatic leaders. Unlike one dominant party rule in the whole of the country after India’s independence, Kerala opted for a coalition government since the beginning. The researcher tries to trace the meaning and origin of coalition politics. She further attempts to bring forth and analyze the political, and socio-economic scenarios of Kerala that prevented one-party rule in the state since its existence as a group of princely states or as a constituent state of the Indian federation.

Kerala, Coalition, Travancore, Nairs, Ezhavs, Congress, Maxist, Centre, State