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Evolution and Generations of Concept of Human Rights : AN Analysis

Vinod Kumar Sharma


  1. Principal, Hans College, Paota (Kotputli), District-Jaipur (Rajasthan), INDIA


The term “Human Rights” refers to the concept that every member of human race has a set of basic claims simply by virtue of humanness. They are based on the principle of respect for the individual. They are universal so they are called human rights. Human rights are founded on respect for the dignity and worth of each person. They are inalienable, indivisible, interrelated and independent. Human rights are integral to promotion of peace and security, economic, prosperity and social equity. Human rights are possessed by the human being irrespective of the fact that they belongs a particular state, society, race or religious faith. Human rights are provided by the constitution to protect human from the atrocities of the state. In present age nobody can imagine living without human rights. They are must for overall development of individual. In present study an effort has done to explain evolution and categories of human rights.

MEGNA CARTA, Petition of Rights, Bill of Rights, Inalienable, Enforceable