INTERNATIONAL, PEER REVIEWED/REFEREED, MULTIDISCIPLINARY,BIANNUAL,BILINGUAL, OPEN ACCESS,INDEXED JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES Special Issue on Indian Elections and General Election 2019 proposed on 31 September 2019 Vol 06 Issue 02 is proposed on 31st July 2019 Last Date of Submission 31st May 2019 Publication Date 31st July 2019(Online), 15 August 2019 (Print)

Women, Peace and Security: An Analysis of Global Conventions

Sadhna Mishra


  1. Research Scholar, Dept. of Political Science, Banaras Hindu University Varanasi, U.P. INDIA


It is well known that the armed conflict creates serious threat for the lives of women and girls. They face various kinds of violence, discrimination and exploitation not only during the armed conflict but also during the post conflict and transition period. In this perspective a considerable attention must be given to cope with this major challenge because we cannot achieve global security without recognizing and respecting the human rights of the women, gender inequalities in decision making, who constitute a major source of domination and obstacles to attain a real security. It’s clear that these acts are formidable challenge in front of global community and global organization such as UNO (United Nations Organization). Therefore, some global conventions are made to exterminate this problem. The most significant step in this direction was the adoption of Geneva Convention, Vienna Convention, and eight UN Security Council Resolutions. The aim of the present paper is to analyse how armed conflicts adversely affect the lives of women. The present study also analyse that in what extant these global conventions are implemented by countries that were involved in armed conflict and the responses of state in this context.

Women, Armed Conflict, Peace Process, Violence, Global Convention, Laws.