IJSP Refereed International Multidesciplinary Bilingual Biannual Open Access Indexed Journal of Social Science And Humanities

Urban Open Spaces and Its Impact : A Case Study of Gorakhpur City

Shalu Shrivastava


Research Scholar (UGC Net),Department of Geography, D.D.U.Gorakhpur University Gorakhpur U.P. INDIA


Urban Settlement is a complex entity & its complexity increases with the growth of its population and functional specialization. Spatial pattern of city & its region is subjected to change mainly due to pressure of population growth. Today with rapid urbanization & industrialization there is an increasing pressure on land, water & environment. The cities are expanding in all directions resulting in large scale urban sprawl and rapid change in urban land use. Inadvertently, this results in increase in the built up area and associated changes in spatial urban land use pattern. Present study has been undertaken to investigate the urban open spaces & changes in land use pattern through satellite data over a period of time and its possible impact on the infrastructural capabilities of the city of Gorakhpur. The study aimed towards environmentally sustainable urban growth.

Urban Settlement, Space, Gorakhpur, Sustainable Urban Growth