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Tracing the Trend and Pace of Women Empowerment in the Naduar Area of Sonitpur District Assam ( A Case Study Among the Elected Representatives of 2007 and 2018)

Jayanta Baruah


  1. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science,T.H.B. College, Jamugurihat, Sonitpur, Assam, INDIA


Women Empowerment is an emerging movement in the late of 20th century. It is recognized as a key element to achieve progress by women in all areas. The women community in the world is still lagging behind in respect of all areas-socio, economic, political. In India also the development of women community is very slow although the country has completed 70 years of its Independence. But it can be said that a country like India which is regarded as the largest democracy in the world cannot be successful in its nation building process neglecting half of the population, the women community. In our paper we will try to make a comparative study among the members who elected as members of Naduar Anchalik Panchayat, President of various Gaon Panchayas under Naduar Dev. Block and also as ward members of various Gaon Panchayats under Naduar dev. Block, Jamugurihat of Sonitpur district, Assam, in the year 2007 and 2018, to examine the progress achieved by women involving in grass root level politics. A total 40 women representative will be considered as sample of our study, 20 from among the elected representatives of 2007 and 20 from among the elected representatives of 2018. A questionnaire will be prepared for data collection

Empowerment, Democracy, Participation