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Representing us or Self : Party Switching in India

Bhaskar Kumar Kakati


  1. Centre Manager, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Centre for Policy Research and Analysis, Indian Institute of Management Shillong Umsawli, Shillong, Meghalaya, INDIA


Party switching is a common phenomenon in India. Representation of the considerable number of such switched politicians in the different parliamentary systems of India is the outcome of the number of such switched politicians got ticket to contest in an election. Cost-benefit, ideology, etc., are some are the driving factors of party switching, but in the case of India, it has been observed that the majority switched party because of denial of the party ticket. An attempt has been made to understand the trend of party switching in India considering the 2019 Lok Sabha election

Ideology, Party ticket, Alliances, 17th Lok Sabha, Party Switching