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Neighorhood Policy of India: In Perspective of SAARC Countries

Vinod Kumar Sharma


Principal, Hans College Paota (Jaipur) Rajasthan INDIA


India has been one of the founding major 07 countries of SAARC. All the countries involved in SAARC are neighbouring countries of India. Therefore, the success of SAARC depends on how India has relations with its neighbours. India has always emphasized the peaceful resolution of disputes with neighbouring countries. In the conduct of foreign policy, India has always had the friendly attitude and positive cooperation with its neighbours. Neighbouring nations have always been given priority by India in its foreign policy; for this reason India always established multilateral relations with neighbours. India through SAARC not only strives to raise the standard of living of the people of neighbouring countries, but also committed to make the entire region self-reliance. The objective of the study is to enlighten the India’s policy in the context of neighbouring and its role in SAARC. Secondary data has been used for the present study.

Contemporaneous, Meteorology, Multilateral, Panchsheela Doctrine, Tranquility