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Dynamics of India- China Relationship Amid Trade and Trust Deficit

Sanjay Kumar


  1. Associate Professor, Political Science & CSSP State Co-ordinator, Yuveraj Dutta PG College, Lakhimpur-Kheri, U.P. INDIA


Sino-indo relationship has nosedived during recent months due to Galwan bloody face off on the night of 15 June. Will it take turn of another war between the two countries or remain muted to the level of mutual hostility, distrust and opaque behavior? Will banning on fifty-nine Chinese apps by the Indian government do something positive or sour the already hostile relationship? Trade balance is heavily in China’s favour. Closure of foreign consulates between the US and China is also adding masala to the already hot climate between the two states. But, to be sure enough, world politics has been captured and juxtaposed between two positions - the unholy ambition of Chinese expansion and the relative decline of world organizational structures. US is no more the same force. Several hotbeds are emerging in the world politics and its related power structures. Whole of Asia is sitting on volcano just for the only cause of China and its grandeur design of 2049, the hundredth year of Chinese people’s revolution. No doubt, 21st century is going to be an Asian century, albeit hijacked by Chinese ambition. Corona pandemic has confused the whole scenario of world politics. Once invincible states of Europe and even the US are paining. The myth of US hegemony is over now. Post COVID international politics will certainly usher into an arena of multipolarity with a heavy tilt in the favour of China. Here lies the real danger for India. Treatment with this prospective heavyweight will set the tone of future international political events. India, being one of the biggest neighbours, is bound to be influenced by these events. Narratives of international political course will take shape accordingly. 

International Relations, Covid-19, India, China