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Constructivist Approach : Present Requirement for Effective Teaching Learning

Devi Prasad Singh


  1. Assistant Professor, Department of Education, IGNTU, Amarkantak, M.P. INDIA


Education should promote creativity, innovations, new ideas, practices and science is the subject by which it can be done. NCF-2005 envisions that the learner is not passive recipient but an active participant in the process of learning. The learner constructs his knowledge by connecting new information to his prior knowledge on the basis of the materials and activities given to them. Constructivism is based on the maxim that the learner constructs his own understanding by the reflection on his experiences. 5E learning model promotes collaborative learning and active participation of the learner. This paper is an effort to seek an appropriate approach for science education. Through the review of empirical research evidences, the researcher has found that constructivist approach can be a good approach for science education and for the fulfilment of the future need of the learner.

Constructivist Approach, 5-E Model, NCF-2005