Indian Motion Picture : Promoting Sex Symbolism

Ciciel Dewan


  1. Student of Master in Sociology, IGNOU, Kolkata, West Bengal, INDIA


Motion pictures have always been a great tool to influence people’s consciousness around their periphery or things that are abstract and can’t be seen by naked eyes. Motion pictures have been a great medium to express one’s view and more over to show what people want to see. Introduction of film industry initially was just for an entertainment purpose though now in today’s world it is a medium to socialise people, youngsters and women. However in Indian film industry, which has been source to entertain not just the people of India but all over the world has one way or the other supported the hypocritical nature of its expression to show females as weak, symbol of sexism and degraded the status of women when on the other hand it talks about women empowerment, shows how women can compete with men to prove that equality is not anymore even the distinction of genes between men and women. This articles deals with the hypocritical nature of Indian film industry that promotes women empowerment but at the same time its showing female figure in a degenerated way that strikes the psychological construction of people especially the young generation and develops a detrimental attitude toward women and girls. In a drastic and severe case such thought process and ideologies gives the incidents of rape, eve teasing, molestation etc. In today’s world the primary socialization in one’s life starts with family however in family structure the children gets accessed to see the outside world through television. Thus the television has become another major agent of socialisation for children and adolescents. Motion pictures on television cerates a consciousness among the adolescents about the world and life but with an inter-subjectivity of negative and positive consequences on the mental development of the young one when it shows a women more as a symbol of sexism than symbol of empowerment.

Indian Film Industry, Bollywood, Sex, Ethics