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Indian Cuisine and Soft Power

N D Pandey, Col Ravindra Prakash Tripathi


  1. Deptt of Defence and Strategic Studies K S Saket P G College, Ayodhya U P, INDIA
  2. Research Scholar, Deptt of Defence and Strategic Studies K S Saket P G College, Ayodhya U.P. INDIA


Human beings across the geographical locations of the world and in every type of climatic condition adopt and consume food to fulfil the needs of the physiology of their body and to remain healthy. The food habits of individuals and society at large of any region has a great impact on their psychology and behavioural pattern to a large extent. There are innumerable texts/treatise right from the very beginning of civilisation which talks about itMore or less in every group of believers FOOD has often been considered at par with God and is worshipped. If one looks back in the history of mankind it can be seen in each era, that in many not so favourable situations cuisine has been found to impact/influence the thinking and approach of two totally opposing people. Gastronomical treats have been instrumental to bring people of different backgrounds and culture closure. In this paper, an attempt is being made to bring out how Indian cuisine has spread across the world and has cemented the trust, faith and acceptance of Indian culture and its values in societies the world over. Indian cuisine has left an inedible mark as a strong soft power tool to mould the opinion of people in those areas about India and its people.

India, Cuisine, Culture, Societies, Soft Power.