INTERNATIONAL, PEER REVIEWED/REFEREED, MULTIDISCIPLINARY,BIANNUAL,BILINGUAL, OPEN ACCESS,INDEXED JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES Volume 07 (01):2020 proposed on 31st January 2020 Last Date of Submission 30 Nov 2019 Publication Date 31st January 2020(Online), 15 Fabruary 2020 (Print)

The Dilemma in Tamilnadu Politics

Athul Aravind


  1. Student at Jindal Global  Law School, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA


It is impossible to travel more than a mile in Chennai, without seeing a poster that venerates Amma, often these posters do not venerate Amma for her political work, but rather show her in a light that is almost god like. There are several 'Amma' canteens, shops which sell 'Amma' salt, water, etc. which provide cheaper rates for the enjoyment of the commodity or service and through this 'brand', the word 'Amma' has now become an ideology. Though one cannot take away her efforts at moving the State forward(She has increased the GDP of Tamil Nadu to 976,000 crores, making it the second most productive state ( http://niti.gov.in/content/gsdp-current-prices-2004-05-series-2004-05-2014-15) One can only accuse her for the eventual chaos that may consume the state as a result of her propagating cult politics.

State Politics, Tamilnadu, Jaylalita