IJSP Refereed International Multidesciplinary Bilingual Biannual Open Access Indexed Journal of Social Science And Humanities

Social Background of Terrorism

Binoy Halder


Assistant Professor, Political Science, Jamalpur Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan, West Bengal, INDIA


Terrorism is ubiquitous. Why is it so? A human being needs to be taught in order to become the “Human” from an individual. Here lie all the problems. This teaching is, indeed, a social process. It bestows a certain identity to a particular group of individuals on one hand, and on the other hand it orients the individuals to do, think, and behave in a particular way. It is also to be said here that it is this very social process which at one time led human beings to build some institutions and subsequently led to these very institutions becoming the main bearers of the very process. This article wants to analyze the role of identity and other social institutions/variables like education, media, peers etc. in the  origin of ‘terror’ and making it an ism.

Terrorism, Identity, Social Institutions/Variables.