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Multilateral Relation of India and European union in World Affairs : An Evolution and Challenges

Vinod Kumar Sharma


  1. Principal, Hans College Paota,Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA


The European Union is group of 27 countries that operate economic and political block. India and the European Union have completed 50 years of their alliance. Initially, the base of relationship between both was economic. Presently India has a multi-dimensional relationship with European Union, which is its largest trading partner, biggest source of foreign direct investment (FDI), major contributor of developmental aid, an important source of technology. Both, the countries of European Union and India believe in democracy and agree on the establishment of multi-polar world. India-EU cooperation is supportive in north south dialogue and it will help in bridging the north south gap. Cooperation of both is requiring solving the problems growing at global level such as: Gender inequality, human rights abuses, sustainable development, terrorism, nuclear war threat etc. A summit is organized between India and EU for last several years, in which all issues are widely discussed. Currently, The EU has significant participation in India’s development programmes. The purpose of present study is to shed light on the multi-dimensional relationship of India and European Union. It also discusses the problems and prospects of India and European relations.  Secondary data has been used for the present study.

Counter-Productive, Substantial, Brexit, Maastrich Treaty, Amsterdam Treaty, Treaty of Nice, Lisbon Treaty.