INTERNATIONAL, PEER REVIEWED/REFEREED, MULTIDISCIPLINARY,BIANNUAL,BILINGUAL, OPEN ACCESS,INDEXED JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES Special Issue on Indian Elections and General Election 2019 proposed on 31 September 2019 Vol 06 Issue 02 is proposed on 31st July 2019 Last Date of Submission 31st May 2019 Publication Date 31st July 2019(Online), 15 August 2019 (Print)

Influence of Blended Learning Programme on Academic Achievement of Student Teachers

Maria Josephine Arokia Marie S


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak (MP). INDIA


This study is aimed at studying the influence of using a Blended Learning Programme on academic achievement of student teachers of Puducherry.  An achievement test was constructed with hundred items in the subject, teaching of Physical Science. The population of the study is the student teachers of teacher education colleges in Puducherry affiliated to Pondicherry University.  53 student teachers of physical science group from Pope John Paul II College of Education and Venkateswara College of Education (2014 – 2015) in Puducherry state form the sample size for this study. A teacher made achievement test of the course subject teaching of physical science is the tool used in the study. The tool was constructed by the investigator with the help and guidance of the research supervisor and it was validated using item analysis. The innovative teaching method namely Blended Learning Program was used in teaching the experimental groupwhich comprise 29 students from Pope John Paul II College of Education, while the conventional method was used with the Control group which consists of 24 student teachers in Venkateswara College of Education. The experiment started on 22 January 2015 and completed on 1April 2015. The findings of the study shows that there is a significant difference in the achievement scores of experimental and control group in teaching of physical science.This shows that the Blended Learning Programme is an innovative teaching method with the effective integration of technology for teaching of physical science.

Blended Learning Programme, Academic achievement, Student teachers, Active engagement, Teaching of Physical Science.