INTERNATIONAL, PEER REVIEWED/REFEREED, MULTIDISCIPLINARY,BIANNUAL,BILINGUAL, OPEN ACCESS,INDEXED JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES Special Issue on Indian Elections and General Election 2019 proposed on 31 September 2019 Vol 06 Issue 02 is proposed on 31st July 2019 Last Date of Submission 31st May 2019 Publication Date 31st July 2019(Online), 15 August 2019 (Print)

Impact of Globalization on Indian Society : An Overview

Prakash S Kattimani


  1. Assistant Professor, Dept.of Political Science, Rani Channamma University,Belagavi, Karnataka, INDIA


Globalization is a significant factor in competitive world that integrate and mobilize cultural values of people at global level. In the age of rapid technical progression, many countries are unified and transformed due to the process of globalization. Globalization has a huge impact on cultural, social, monetary, political, and communal life of countries. Globalization powerfully influences the social partners' attitudes since traditional labour relations have to cope with completely new and very dynamic situations. In political field, globalization helps to eradicate poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, ill-health and fighting cross border terrorism and global terrorism. The social structure and construction has been changing due to these modern phenomena. Industrialization and Globalization are always focusing on industrial investment and economic growth process. Today is a global world. Globalization is process of nation prosperity and progress as per the current trend. Globalization is a series of social, economic, technological, cultural, and political changes occur in all the stages of society. It mainly focused on the consequences and effects of urbanization, modernization and globalization process with context to an Indian society

Globalization, Indian Society,