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Globalization in Higher Education for Knowledge Based Society

Ramesh M


Assistant Professor of Education,Indira Gandhi National Tribal University,Amarkantak, M.P.INDIA


Higher education plays significant role in raising the economic status of nation. Higher education system should be global level wherein students equally compete with other nation higher education system. Globalization of education is important for providing global level education for Indian students. Today the process of Globalization is taking place on a large scale. India is one of the most potential economic country of the world; Globalization has the positive impacts on various field of development such as culture, environment, economy, marketing, industry etc. Globalization enhance the country productivity, also it help the students to prepare them to act as a productive members of society. Knowledge is most important for developing and increasing the productivity of society. University education system largely responsible for creation of knowledge based society. Therefore university should work effectively in terms of providing education and conducting the research and other activities. It is questions and doubtful that many of the Universities work effectively and many of the Universities running with complete infrastructure facilities. If these two components are not fulfilled by the university, globalization in higher education is always distant dream. In this perspectives the present Paper focused role of globalization in knowledge based society.

Globalization, Higher Education, Society,