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Cultural Diplomacy

Risabh Singh


  1. Political Consultant,C-222, Nirala Nagar Lucknow, U.P. INDIA


This paper seeks to highlight and put forward a convincing Diplomatic approach that should be practiced by India to reach out to other countries across the globe through, “Culture Diplomacy”.  The Culture Diplomacy herein states an unconventional and dynamic way of diplomatic outreach strategy to be practiced by MEA considering the long rich traditional & cultural history of BHARAT i.e., INDIA. The paper explores the significance of “Indian” customs & cultural practices that are being followed by millions of Indians across the globe in different countries, and through this diplomacy a plethora of dormant opportunities can be unlocked by MEA establishing a strong & formidable relationship with these countries. This paper also examines the importance of having Cultural Diplomacy Soft Power to increase the Global stature of India and make it a regional power followed by global superpower. 

Traditional, Cultural Diplomacy, Soft power