IJSP Refereed International Multidesciplinary Bilingual Biannual Open Access Indexed Journal of Social Science And Humanities

Contextualizing the Statehood for Vidarbha

Chaketi Raju


Res. Scholar in Pol. Science,Centre for Political Studies,Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. INDIA


There are new trends of asymmetrical development and rising regional disparities which have paved the way for political disenchantment and economic frustrations of the people. However, in response to the socio-economic and political background of the country, economic frustrations may transform into political formation culminating into regional movements for statehood demands. As a result of intrastate disparities, uneven development occurred and demands like Vidarbha emerged quite early. In response, new states kept being formed and the process goes on even today. This article attempts to address the issue of statehood for Vidarbha in the growing political development in the state of Maharashtra in the post-polls period. This study is also proposed to demonstrate the hurdles in achieving the statehood for Vidarbha.

Statehood for Vidarbha, Smaller States, Maharashtra Assembly Polls, India.