IJSP Refereed International Multidesciplinary Bilingual Biannual Open Access Indexed Journal of Social Science And Humanities

Coalition Politics : Some Theoretical Considerations

Ajay Singh, Vijay Pratap Mall


  1. Associate Professor, Dept of Pol. Sc, Handia P G College Handia, U P, India
  2. Assistant Professor, Dept of Pol. Sc. Associate, IIAS, Shimla, Himancal Pradesh, India


The Politics of Coalition is not a phenomenon peculiar to India, Such a system prevailed in Weimer Germany and operated in Contemporary France and Italy and some of the countries of Asia and Africa. In India the development of some of the Political Sub System following the end of the One Party System after the general election of 1967 is characterized by Coalition Politics and Government. Some Political analysis and observers conclude on the basis of democratic competitive politics and provide a structure and mechanism for the functioning of political institutions in India. The subject of Coalition in India is therefore receiving increasing attention of Political Scientist and Sociologist. This paper seeks to suggest a few theoretical and behavioral considerations on Coalition Politics and Coalition Government.

Coalition Politics, Coalition Government, Game Theory