INTERNATIONAL, PEER REVIEWED/REFEREED, MULTIDISCIPLINARY,BIANNUAL,BILINGUAL, OPEN ACCESS,INDEXED JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES Volume 07 (01):2020 proposed on 31st January 2020 Last Date of Submission 30 Nov 2019 Publication Date 31st January 2020(Online), 15 Fabruary 2020 (Print)

Chothe Thaowon Saamtharnu Alias Nungthil Chaibi: The Lady with Beautiful hair

Cheithou Charles Yuhlung


  1. Department of Anthropology, Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam, INDIA


The paper focuses on one of the most controversial identity issues prevailed in Manipur. As a paradigm it attempts to highlight the ethnic identity of Sorha alias Thaowon Saamtharnu the biological mother of King Pamheiba (Garib Niwaz) of Manipur that was conceal for more than three centuries which is proven only by the Chothe folklore. It explains how because of her controversial marriage life, politico-religion and primogeniture issues in the king’s court her true identity was concealed. It also highlights, how her story served as a living example for such anonymity and suppressive attitudes of the valley people in the process of cross-cultural marriage system, especially towards the tribal women of Manipur. The paper analyses both the oral narrations as well as few literatures to substantiate the point of view. Thus, highlighting the prevailing superior and inferior suppressive attitude and culture in Manipur based on politico-religious ground that was developed and rooted from early 18th century with the arrival of Vaishnavism/ Hinduism in Manipur, and that continues to be so by some.

Chothe, Thaowon Saamtharnu, Nungthil Chaibi, Pamheiba, Meitei.